Speech During the Pulis Kasanggayahan's Flag Raising and Awarding Ceremony - 04202015

GUEST SPEAKER – SPPO Flag Raising and Awarding Ceremony
April 20, 2015, 7:30 AM - Camp Salvador Escudero, Sr, Sorsogon City

PIA ICM Bennie A. Recebido delivers her speech at the PNP-SPPO, Sorsogon City

Thank you for that introduction.

Our PNP Acting Provincial Director Police Senior Superintendent Bernard M. Banac... to other PNP officials who are around here today, sa mga magigiting nating kapulisan, our media friends... a very nice morning every one.

Over and above, allow me to say thank you for giving me the trust to be invited as your guest speaker today, it is such a great honor for me.

Law enforcement work is more than a job to most who get involved in it. Police work is full of challenges and rewards. Personally, I have a deeper appreciation on the importance of the sacrifices that you make as our law enforcement officers.

Like what Barbara Boxer said, “Law enforcement officers are never ‘off duty.’ You are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace and order situation is threatened. That is why, you need all the help that you can get.”

As a Sorsoganon, I don’t believe that the entire Philippine National Police is in crisis. Marami pa rin tayong mga matitinong pulis at marami ring mga programang patuloy na ipinatutupad ang inyong institusyon upang mapaganda pa ang imahe ng PNP. The only irony here is that, most often than not, it is the few number of the wrong doings of some inept policemen that bring the entire organization into limelight, seldom that your good deeds are appreciated.

Some incidents and reports, even the isolated ones, were sensationalized and kept into worst. They even made international headlines. The PNP should get its act straight for our countrymen and redeem itself to local, national and international community, as well.

SPPO APD PSSupt Bernard M. Banac and PIA ICM Bennie A. Recebido
Huwag po ninyong hayaang manatiling nakamarka sa inyong mga kapulisan ang katawagang PULIS PATOLA, PULIS MAKUPAD, PULIS PAHIRAP at iba pang mga markang lalong magpapababa sa moralidad ng inyong hanay.

Nananatiling magigiting kayo lalo na sa mata ng mga bata, mga batang ginagawa kayong inspirasyon sa paghahangad na “when I grow up, I want to be a policeman or police woman”.

The work of a law enforcer is not easy. You are faced with both the law and the criminals. The trouble with the laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs.” But anyway, that is the challenge to you.

Running after a criminal is really a tough job, but to get you going, put this into your mind as you chase the unlawful, “If you will keep running, well, for sure, you will only go to jail tired.”

There are many times that we did good for the sake of public service, but it seems that our good accomplishments never suffice and is never recognized, but even then, continue to do good still. Never get tired of doing what is right.

According to an anonymous author, “Some of the bravest and the best men of the entire world in the field of law enforcement have made their contributions while they were undercover.”

Your desire is the key to your motivation, but your determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal will lead you to your commitment to excellence – commitment to excellence that will enable you to attain the success that you are looking for.

In achieving excellence, it is not enough that we just know, it is having and using what we know. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. (Pat Riley)

Isang malaking pagpupugay din ang nais kong ibigay sa inyong hanay dahilan sa patuloy na ginagawang hakbang ngayon ng inyong institusyon.

I was present last Thursday when you had the First Pulis Kasanggayahan Spelling Bee Contest. And I would like to congratulate first and foremost, our top three winners whom I understand will be given due recognition today. They will be our pride to the Regional Spelling Bee competition. To the three of you, my warm congratulations and goodluck!

Best police officers were given Award of Commendation by the SPPO.
And of course, I would likewise give my appreciation to those who took courage to compete with the other spelling bee contenders, hindi man kayo nakapasok sa final three, i’m pretty sure the unit or the branch you have represented was proud of you. There will always be next time.... so, never give up!

As a former teacher, I believe the Spelling Bee that you had will improve the police officer’s English proficiency, communication skills and writing skills especially in terms of writing better blotter entries, which is also one among your major tasks.

Correct spelling and grammar are important because blotter reports or journal entries are sometimes used in litigation and other court proceedings.

Misspelled words, wrong grammar, and other communication pitfalls are hindrances to building confidence and respect from our clients.

This new program of the PNP is one among the effective springboard towards the development of a responsive and highly professional police organization. Sana sa susunod, sasali naman yung iba...

In finality, my job with you today is to give an inspirational message, I hope I didn’t fail the expectation. But it would spell that each of you has the choice to be an inspirational person and have the choice about being an inspiration as a police officer. It is you who can inspire courage, integrity, pride and trust within your communities, just as each one of you can inspire one another to become better cops...

I remembered, then National Police Chief Director Gen Avelino Razon, Jr. in his farewell speech way back 2008, he left a message to the police force to continue to keep the image of Mamang Pulis and Aleng Pulis who have stand tall and proud as servant and protector of our country and people. It has also touched me when he said the police force should wear their uniform with dignity and integrity, and wear it with a full heart for service. Your uniform is the mirror of your institution, don’t allow anyone to put a stain on it.

And at the local level, you have currently brought back through your Pulis Kasanggayahan Program, the good cops to the streets – serving, protecting and being a friend to the community. You have brought the community closer to you, as shown now by the overwhelming support from them, and you have given life once more to your battle cry of “To Serve and Protect”. 

Guided by your PNP ITP-PGS Roadmap, continue your fight amid the storms, the risks, the dangers and all the trials and challenges of police work.... Don’t fail us, we are the community in need of you... Our Pulis Kasanggayahan will always be our SUPERHERO!

Thank you very much and Good morning everyone.

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